IT outsourcing myths

Don't believe these

  • Myth #1

    IT Outsourcing costs more than hiring someone in-house

    In most cases, as soon as we take over managing your IT, we can save you money. After our initial audit phase, we will come back with cost cutting initiatives to slash your IT budget. Throughout our product lifecycle, we make it a priority to streamline your business operations through use of technology, and save you money. Additionally, we do not require health insurance, vacation or pension benefits. So our total cost is much less then that of a in house IT team.

  • Myth #2

    We need someone onsite all of the time

    Our engagement model can accommodate that. A member or members of our team are assigned to work full time at your offices. Additionally, if that person is away, we will assign a different team member to provide continuous coverage.

  • Myth #3

    All of the acquired knowledge will be lost when my employees leave the company

    In many cases, we are able to offer your current IT staffers a position within our organization, thereby keeping a level of continuity at your office.

  • Myth #4

    We are at the mercy of

    We are a well established company with positive cash flows, and we are not going anywhere. We work on a contract basis, and there is a much bigger chance of an internal employee leaving the company then there is for another company to disengage from a contract.

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