Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

How safe is your data? In the event of disaster, is it recoverable? No business can afford to risk their information assets' security and integrity, and yet so many businesses are unprepared.

Through a combination of tools and planning, can design a solution that will secure your data in case of a disaster.


Offsite data backup for your mission critical data. Backs up from any operating system including Windows, *nix and MAC, and stores data in multiple secure offsite datacenters. Backup any files, application or database. Fast restores of individual files or databases. Ideal for events such as accidental deletion, rollback, corruption, loss of a drive, etc.


Live sync your server to our cloud and be up and running on a cloud server in case of a disaster. With this solution, all of your critical servers are constantly replicated to the cloud, and are available in case of a major disaster. Ideal for major disaster events such as a storm, power outages, complete server loss, etc.

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