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Let document management experts help you implement a document management system to reduce overhead and error.

Electronic Document Management Systems

Working with volumes of paper today not only is inefficient (and not so great for the environment), but it can also can lead to critical errors or, even worse, violation of regulatory agency retention requirements.

Document management systems reduce misfiling, document retrieval time, and costly photocopying and paper distribution processes that impede information access.'s flexible document management platforms adapt to meet diverse multi departmental needs and allow users to maintain established, preferred procedures. They adhere to an open design and are technology friendly. They can utilize your existing scanning and printing infrastructure as well as supporting most current technologies. Document Management Services

Document Management Consulting's experts can help assess your company's current document workflow and then provide recommendations about implementing a documentation management platform that will meet your needs.

Document Management Platforms's document management platforms deliver enterprise-wide high-volume information capture, retrieval, and distribution. The offer the following features:

  • Intelligent search provides instant document retrieval
  • Reduce labor and clerical mistakes with automated OCR and indexing
  • Comprehensive security protects digital archives from unauthorized access
  • Emulate paper filing structures with customizable folders and index fields
  • Index electronic and image-only documents with user-defined indexes
  • Digital archiving provides long-term document preservation
  • Manage entire document repositories from workstations
  • Scan paper and import electronic files into secure digital archives of unalterable documents
  • Synchronize service bureau output and manage retention schedules with portable volumes

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